Sense Pro 5 Set Wms
Sense Pro 5 Set Wms
Sense Pro 5 Set Wms
Sense Pro 5 Set Wms

Sense Pro 5 Set Wms

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The Salomon Sense Pro 5 Set combines the essentials for easier movement and high end performance, boasting a Sensifit design alongside an intuitive adjustment system and hydration pockets.

Sensifit women specific

Designed to fit comfortably around a women's chest, narrow shoulders and shorter torso length. Double stretch construction straps, shaped like cups, conform to the chest. Proper fit eliminates bounce while enabling comfortable breathing.

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This innovative sternum strap construction allows you to adjust and connect your pack quickly, even on the fly. The elastic strap also allows easy breathing during intense activity.

2 soft flask 500ml designed for women with straw included.

Specifically designed to fit women's anatomy, this triangular flask is positioned below the chest. Includes a straw for easy drinking with a simple press on the flask.

Salomon knows that every second counts and that comfort and convenience make all the difference in a trail marathon or shorter outing, which is why they have created the minimalist Sense Pro 5 Set. Boasting an ultra-comfortable design, it comes with no friction or pressure points and offers an adjustable, precise fit, alongside instant access to your trail essentials so you can push on further and faster. Created with soft mesh, it is highly breathable and will cleverly absorb any moisture, while the Sensifit design stays closer to your body with light, stretchy materials that stay in place. 

Additionally, you can grab anything in seconds with front flask pockets, secure pockets, a back compartment and tunnel pocket all around your body.

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