We're part of 1% for the Planet.

In so many places around the world a trail network near a town or a community is accompanied by a trail store which seeks to stock gear and apparel that meets the needs of the trail adventurer embarking upon the trail networks.   The trail store invariably becomes a gathering place for the local community and a symbol of a trail town.  In creating BKT-Trail we recognised the good that could become of a trail store that supported the local community and communities around Australia to redefine the trails as a place that is sacred and meaningful to the lives of the community and within the wilderness areas.

 We do however acknowledge that we stock brands from companies that make a profit from the resources they take from the Earth.  We accept that in operating a store we are also taking resources from the Earth.  By becoming a member of 1% for the Planet, amongst other initiatives undertaken by BKT-Trail, we connect with high-impact non-profit environmental organisations who collectively build strength in solving the environmental problems of the Earth.  It is these organisations that BKT-Trail seeks to support.

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