Hikers Wool
Hikers Wool

Hikers Wool

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HikersWool is made from 100% pure New Zealand lambs wool. It provides friction-free comfort and wicks away moisture so you can avoid painful and annoying blisters! Suitable for all type of activities and all types of feet.

Using HikersWool to prevent blisters

Using HikersWool is simple - follow these directions for the best results.

* Stop immediately if you feel a hot spot and apply HikersWool as directed - don't wait until the blister forms.

* Apply a generous amount directly to the tender area then replace sock and footwear. Depending on the location of your hotspot/blister you may not need to completely remove your sock.

* If the problem is in your toe area, remove your sock and wrap the wool around the affected area.

* HikerWool will bind itself into the sock over the course of the day, this is normal. So as long as your sock stays in place, HikersWool will too. You can easily add more or replace if needed.

HikersWool will not form lumps or roll into a ball making it comfortable even for ling journeys. Once you have used it a few times you will become able to judge the right amount needed for your feet.

HikersWool is not medicated and should not be used on broken skin.


Availible in two sizes

Midi Pack:
The handy little 18gram pack of Hikers Wool will easily last you for a three day outing.

Contents: 1 rolled lenght of Hikers Wool.
200mm x 400mm (8 x 16 inches approx.)

Approximate weight: 18-20 grams
(pack size 130 x 215mm)

Maxi Pack:
Plannng a long hike for a number of days, then this is the ideal size pack.

Contents: 2 rolled lenghts of Hikers Wool.
200mm x 400mm (8 x 16 inches approx.) 

Approximate total weight: 36-40 grams
(pack size 180 x 250 mm)

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