BKT-Trail Awards

BKT-Trail Awards

Every-one loves their movements and moments on the trails. We run, we hike, we stroll, we ponder. We do this purposefully and we make adjustments to our lives so that we can remain charmed by the components that define our trail life community.

We live in our adventures, short, longer, easy, harder, fun, painful, wild and inconceivable events. Through wilderness and forests, deserts and jungles, over mountains and through valleys and rivers we move. Our lives change as we participate in our adventures, our multi-stage races our through-hikes our fast-packing journeys: our time out there. We achieve finish line honours, personal bests and sometimes places on podiums, course records and fastest known times.

Our hard-work and dedication to our training is cherished by each of us. We love what we do, it changes us, constantly. When we look back, our memories take us to the moments that mean the most to us: How well we trained and how well we applied our training, the laughs we had at aid stations, the landscapes we became a part of, the people that we met. Ultimately, when we are out there, it is not just about how fast we get to where we are going, it is how well we got there. It is everything that we do out there, how well we move, how we feel, what we see, what we imagine, who we meet, how much we laugh. It is a collection of all things. Ultimately, the real endeavour, the real adventure is making our time out there, our Best Known Time™.


At BKT-Trail, we seek to encourage and nurture the BKT way of getting out there. 

We have therefore created the BKT Awards to honour those that have gone out there and had a Best Known Time.  Our focus is away from race events as within a race you are generally receiving your accolades from the event itself.  We are looking for those that have gone it alone or with others to discover what they can find out about themselves and our place in this beautiful world.  It is a story.  Send in your story or contact us for information via info@bkt-trail.com.au.

Peace and Trails 

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