UK Gear - PT-1000 Women's
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UK Gear - PT-1000 Women's

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UK flagThe PT-1000 is a 1,000 mile, ultra-durable road & trail running shoe.

It makes no compromise on biomechanical performance or comfort as it features UK Gear's Force Dynamic System (FDS) – classified technology built on a foundation of proprietary compounds and materials.


The PT-1000 is the product of an on going research & development programme with the British military and has been awarded the right to bear the British Army's famous crossed swords insignia.

This Structured Cushioning (SC) shoe is supportive and long lasting with an excellent level of cushioning. Well suited for runners with an average running gait and mild to moderate stability needs.


Development of the world’s first running shoe built to survive 1,000 miles!

The proprietary technology built into the PT-1000 took over 8 years to develop with the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, culminating in 40 of these physically demanding instructors running thousands of miles in final prototypes. This, combined with an extensive durability test programme at SATRA laboratories, means that UK Gear can confidently claim to have developed the world’s first running shoe built to survive 1,000 miles.


Weight: 12.3 oz | 350 g

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