The Original Worm - 6.3
The Original Worm

The Original Worm - 6.3

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PORTABILITY: Low profile and highly portable for easy transport to use anywhere you roll!
Easy to pack in your carry on, gym bag or briefcase. Great for in the car,  on the plane at home or at the gym.

DURABILITY: Tough, solid rubber ball construction, the 6.3 is made from four 6.3 cm lacrosse style balls encased in a soft yet durable neoprene shell.

VERSATILITY: One tool for all!  The Worm combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller to give you therapeutic relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between!
Extremely effective and safe for:

BACK PAIN & STIFFNESS:  The two middle balls support your spine without putting excess pressure on your spine while massaging the muscle groups along your spine. Use on the floor, against a wall, in the car.

SHIN SPLINTS:  The Worm massages both sides of your tibia in one movement.  Unlike other rollers that are only rolling on your shin bone.

FOOT PAIN:  The Worm is great for getting into your arches and the edges of your feet while you control the pressure.

STIFF NECK PAIN / HEADACHES:  Many have reported relief from migraines & headaches by placing neck on a block or pillow and gently rolling your head side to side and up and down over those tight neck muscles. Releases tight muscles without additional pressure on your spine.  Also makes a great head prop for reading in bed.