ioMerino - Multi Sports Socks - Black

ioMerino - Multi Sports Socks - Black

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After a long day of running, riding, boarding or just about any other action packed adventure you can think of, your feet will be so comfortable in these socks they’ll feel like they’ve been relaxing on the couch all day. We can’t vouch for the rest of your body which may well be screaming out in pain having been pushed to the limits of human endurance, but oh no, not your feet. They’re going to be begging for more.

Some people totally underestimate the importance of socks because most of the time, they’re not all that visible. But trust us, wear an ordinary sock under even the fanciest of shoes and boots, and your feet are going to be in a world of hurt. Which is why we spent so much time creating these socks to be like little silky-smooth, cushioned clouds that wrap around your feet. Made with 80% superfine Australian Merino and 20% nylon for stretch and support, these socks are easily some of the softest, smoothest socks you’ll find on the planet.

The temperature regulating and moisture wicking benefits of superfine Merino will help keep your feet warm, comfortable and ‘odor resistant’ without overheating. And the unique, Merino-rich blend has been specially formulated for blister-prevention. We can’t promise you’ll never get a blister ever again because some of you guys get up to some pretty crazy stuff and put your feet through absolute hell, but you’re way less likely to end up with rubbing and chafing.

The ankle cuff prevents sock ‘slippage’ so you’ll avoid any shoe rub, and there’s extra padding in all the places you need it, and thinner, ventilated panels where temperature regulation is more important than soft, squishy, pillow-like comfort.

Being super lightweight, breathable and unbelievably soft, these socks perfectly complete your adventure outfit. Of course, they’re just as comfortable worn around the house, but like one of those pesky, hyperactive dogs that always wants to go for a walk, they’re way more at home out there in the great wide world.

Key Features:

  • Keeps your feet warm without over heating
  • Odor resistance for fresh feet
  • Ankle cuff
  • Anti-chafe, anti-blister technology
  • Thicker, padded heal and toe 'comfort zones’

 Fabric Key Features: 

  • 80% pure Australian Merino wool
  • 20% Nylon for stretch and support
  • Luxurious next to skin feel
  • Naturally breathable for temperature regulation
  • Natural antimicrobial odor-resistance
  • Anti-itch for ultimate comfort


Sock Size Guide
  S M L
Men's US 3 - 6  6.5 - 9.5 10 - 12.5
Women's US 4 - 7 7.5 - 10  10.5 -13
European 34 - 37  38 - 42  43 - 45