Human Gear - Go Tubb 3-Pack
Human Gear

Human Gear - Go Tubb 3-Pack

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For everything that you can't squeeze out of a GoToob™, there's GoTubb™. Patented worldwide, the GoTubb™ features an ingenious design that allows you to open and close it with one hand only. Just squeeze the sides and the lid is released. To close, simply press back on. The GoTubbs™ work great with pills, knick-knacks, snacks, vitamins, change, bits-n-pieces. You name it! A recessed, textured labelling area resists being rubbed off. The transparent tops let you see what's inside without opening them.

I love these little fellas!! I use them ALL the time.  They are of course really convenient for everyday use but make for outrageously convenient containers for travel and ultra-lightweight moving (running, racing, fastpacking, hiking etc). I have a decent size tub of bum cream so I scoop a bit out and put it into a Go Tubb and I can easily carry it on me when I run and want to avoid chaffing down there or when I am travelling light to races.  If you are fastpacking or trekking your light weight adventures you would be nuts to not have a collection of these babies.  You can use them for sunscreen, facecream, vitamins, painkillers, jewellery, a couple of blueberries..... Beck