ENGO Blister Patches Heel Pack
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ENGO Blister Patches Heel Pack

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The ENGO Blister Prevention Patches Heel Pack is specially designed for full coverage of blisters at the back of the heel.

Contents & Dimensions

This pack contains 2 x Heel Patches 3.8cm x 9.1cm (1.5in x 3.6in)


Blisters at back of heel

Wearing through the heel counter of your shoe


“Most people don’t understand what causes blisters, in spite of them officially being the most common injury in sport. When you realise they’re caused by the skin stretching (not rubbing), it puts a whole new spin on how prevention strategies work (and how they don’t work) and means you can be a whole lot more successful in preventing and treating your own blisters, and a whole lot more helpful with the advice you give others.”

— Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)