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Infinit Nutrition - RAW

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Infinit Nutrition - RAW

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:RAW is the purest whey isolate blended with BCAAs and immune-supporting glutamine.

Protein is vital for both daily health & wellness and to get the most out of your training efforts.

Whether you're training for a power competition like weightlifting, an endurance event like triathlon, or just trying to lean down and improve your body composition, protein is key.  High quality protein sources provide your body with the building blocks it needs to rebuild and grow stronger.


:RAW is simply the highest quality whey protein isolate + amino acids. No sugars or sweeteners. No carbs. Nothing artificial.

Our exclusive whey protein isolate is produced from the purest sources in New Zealand, and is ultra filtered to eliminate all of the undesirable characteristics of dairy. With the best amino acid profile of any protein on the market your muscles will have all the necessary building blocks it needs to support optimal muscle growth and recovery.


When your protein requirements can't be achieved through real food, adding :RAW can support your diet. One serving of :RAW provides you with 20 grams of high quality complete protein.

:RAW has a subtle flavour and will not clump when you mix it. Instatized with sunflower lectithin, we are able to avoid using soy-based lecithin for an ultra clean flavour. Unlike so many cheap proteins on the market today, :RAW isn't chalky, and doesn't leave any bitter aftertaste.


Formulated with only 100% all-natural ingredients with zero flavours, sweeteners, or colours - the way nature intended.

Free from stevia & all artificial sweeteners

Dietitian Tip: Looking to lose? Protein becomes even more important as you restrict calories for weight loss. As we shed those pounds, we're shedding GOOD lean body mass too. As our lean body mass decreases, our body begins to burn fewer calories, and the metabolism slows. To minimize the loss of lean body mass during periods of calorie restriction, you must consume an adequate amount of protein throughout the day.

COMMON USES: Post-workout recovery fuel or use to boost protein intake as needed.


HOW TO USE: Mix one scoop of :RAW protein to 6-8 oz of water, almond, dairy, coconut milk, or other milk of choice. Enhance :RAW by blending fresh or frozen fruits, nuts, and juices for a delicious smoothie.

Contains 28 serves